Ode to the Loaded Baked Potato

Dear Loaded Baked Potato:

Butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, chives, and ranch dressing (Yes…I said ranch dressing)… All mixed together harmoniously inside of a potato baked to perfection.  Could I be dreaming?  Is this really a reality?  How could you be so filling, yet oh so delicious?  How could you, a simple, starchy vegetable that has sustained society for hundreds of years, be mixed with a potpurri of toppings and change my life like you do?  You make eating a steak THAT much better.  You are mixed with a salad and provide the perfect addition of carbohydrates to my diet.  Don’t let those Atkins diet crazies get you down.  The Okie Foodie appreciates the rich carbohydrates you provide.  You are an unfailing side dish, that can sometimes even be turned into an entree.  You are the ultimate comfort food.  Thank you for being you.  Don’t change a thing and keep on sustaining human life as you have done for hundreds of years.

Love Always,

Okie Foodie

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