Brats, Beers, and Duck Fat Fries – Fassler Hall (OKC)

Over the last week, I believe there have been four or five new bars or restaurants open their doors in our great city. It’s hard to keep up with all this progress!

FasslerbeerWhen I heard about the idea of Fassler Hall, I was RIDICULOUSLY excited. Being a fan of all things beer and comfort¬†food like sausages and duck fat fries, this place is right up my alley. Speaking of alleys, it is right above the new mid-century themed bowling alley, Dust Bowl Lanes. We didn’t have time to catch Dust Bowl this time, but were more focused on some delicious German beers and sausages. The OKC location of Fassler Hall/Dust Bowl Lanes is the second installment of the Tulsa favorites. From what I hear, the Tulsa Fassler is known for its amazing music selection, so I’m interested to see if the OKC location continues in this tradition. My Tulsa friends have definitely raved about Fassler Hall, so I was immediately excited to try it out.

When you walk into Fassler Hall, you are immediately struck by the size of the place. It is very large with family-style tables and a bar that goes the entire length of the place. The crowd was what you would expect in Midtown, largely folks in their 20s and 30s looking for a laid-back place to grab a beer and a bite to eat. Two walls of the restaurant are covered in windows and you get a prime view of our ever-growing Oklahoma City skyline.

FasslerdogFor the longest time, I have felt like Oklahoma City has been lacking in bars that are largely beer focused. We of course have McNellie’s and their extensive beer selection, but besides that, your next best option was TapWerks in Bricktown. I don’t know about you guys, but I steer clear of Bricktown with every fiber of my being. So McNellie’s was about your only choice if you wanted to grab a laid-back beer with friends after work. Fassler Hall and some of the new bars/restaurants coming to our city are definitely changing the game. McNellie’s and Fassler are owned by the same restaurant group, so I had high expectations going in.

We took our seat at one of the family-style tables and were greeted by a very friendly server. She was very knowledgeable on the beers and the food selection. We chose to obviously grab a couple of beers. I got the Konig Ludwig Hefe-Dunkel and got the biggest size (I couldn’t finish it and had to drink it with both hands!). The beer selection was to be expected…heavy on the German beers, but quite a few you can’t find many other places in Oklahoma City. The Germans definitely know how to make their beer. Behind Belgium, Germany produces, in my opinion, some of the best beers in the world. It’s exciting to have a piece of that in Midtown OKC.

FasslersausageThe food menu is largely made up of sausages and some pretty unhealthy, but ridiculously delicious, sides. We got the Jalepeno-Cheddar Sausage dog with a side of the smoked gouda dressing and we also got the sausage sampler because go big or go home (AM I RIGHT?!) with the Bratwurst, Cheddarwurst, and Hunter (a smoked venison, bison, and pork sausage). And of course, duck fat fries were a must for our side because anything in duck fat is immediately amazing. The Jalepeno-Cheddar sausage was just so amazing. I wasn’t horribly hungry when we went to Fassler, but somehow, I ate every bite because it was just so good. I got mine with sauerkraut and of course topped it with “haus mustard” and the smoked gouda sauce. The sausage sampler sausages were all solid, but I believe my favorite was the Hunter. It had a very complex flavor that was unique from the other sausages we tried. Last but not least, the duck fat fries… DUCK FAT FRIES.. So. Good. I dipped mine in the smoked gouda sauce and the haus mustard. The smoked gouda plus the fries was just a perfect combination.

FasslerfriesOverall, I think Fassler Hall will be the perfect addition to Oklahoma City. It’s laid-back and not overly complicated. It’s a great place to grab a quick meal and a beer with friends. I’m always a little nervous to try new restaurants right after opening because so often it takes a bit to work out kinks, but Fassler was definitely on their game. I wouldn’t suggest coming to Fassler if you are on a diet, but I would assume most people know that going into a Fassler visit. Fassler Hall is not just another run-of-the mill bar, but truly embraces the German roots from which it was founded. I have heard nothing but positive reviews from friends about Fassler. I’m absolutely sure it will be a huge success in our city.

Final word: Eat there. Drink there. Go there often.

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