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The Okie Foodie Heads to New Orleans, LA

Obviously, New Orleans is not in Oklahoma, but I travel quite a bit and of course I plan my trips around food!  A few things I learned about New Orleans on this trip is A) the REALLY yummy food is quite expensive B) Central Grocery with the good muffaletta’s closes at 5pm and is closed on Sundays C) No place has Dr. Pepper D) A lot of places are cash only.  I am also sure that there is some great food outside of the French Quarter, but I was so busy, we had to stay in the area.  All that negativity aside, I had a decent foodie experience even with the small budget and a jam-packed weekend (seriously…I had to leave meetings to find time to eat.. NOT COOL).  I DO plan on making another non-meeting surrounded trip down to New Orleans in the near future to really indulge myself in the great food/shopping/fun/debauchery the city has to offer.

THURSDAY= I arrived quite late in New Orleans as well as did some of my friends.  We decided to of course go out on Bourbon Street.  The rest of the night is kind of a blur (wonder why?!), but we definitely stopped by a diner down the road from our hotel and oh do I remember it vividly.  It was called Daisy Dukes and I indulged myself in a 3am Cajun omelette.  It was delicious…but NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT EAT A CAJUN OMELETTE AT 3AM WHEN YOU HAVE A MEETING AT 8AM…  But I of course enjoyed it at the time, not so much when I woke up pregnant with a food baby that morning.

FRIDAY= We were on the hunt for seafood and went to a local recommendation and the wait for a table was over an hour, so because we were all STARVING and frankly in a hurry…we opted for the Sugar Shack across the street.  To tell you the truth, I was not expecting much from this place.  It just looks like your run of the mill sports bar, but it was quite busy, so we went in anyways.  Our appetizer of barbeque shrimp came out and it was delicious.  The shrimp was not fried as I was expecting and it was in a Cajun barbeque sauce.  The sauce was interesting, but delicious.  It had a soupy texture with the normal barbeque sauce flavors with a little Cajun kick to it and LOTS of vinegar.  Being a fan of vinegar based barbeque sauces, I was pleased and wanted more!  For my entrée, I ordered the soft shell crab plate.  I will be honest with you.  I am a foodie yes, but this still freaked me out because I kept thinking of the crab being alive and what not.  Needless to say, I quickly got over this and it was DELICIOUS!

SATURDAY= We ate at the historic Napoleon House.  It was built in 1791 and was going to be used as a house for Napoleon at one point, but is now a bar and restaurant.  This was I think my favorite place of the weekend besides my Sunday adventure (read below).  The prices were cheap (think $5 an entrée!!!!), the wait was short, the drinks were strong, the ambience was perfect complete with classical music and French antiques, and the food had great flavor.  The waiters at the Napoleon House all wear bow ties and there are antiques and old paintings all over the restaurant.  It is almost as if you have stepped back in time.

SUNDAY= I had my best experience on Sunday.  My dear friend Colin Curtis and I had breakfast at Cafe Du Monde.  I got quite a bit of recommendations from foodies out there via Twitter (follow me: @OkieFoodie) and comments on posts, so I had to try the famous beignets and the cafe au lait.  I of course wore a black jacket and dark pants when I decided to eat fried goodness covered in powdered sugar.  Powdered sugar gets EVERYWHERE, but the beignets were amazing.  It is almost like a funnel cake, but WAY better.  The cafe au lait is delicious for both coffee whores like me, or for the coffee novice.  This is a must stop in New Orleans.

Surprisingly, we did eat sushi on Sunday evening.  Yes, not the type of food you would think about eating in New Orleans, but it was great!  Check out my UrbanSpoon link below for the info.

New Orleans is a great city, but I’m definitely happy to be back in the Sooner state!



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