Ode to the Braum’s Ice Cream Cone

Dear Braum’s Ice Cream Cone,

There you are… In all of your sugary beauty…  I drive all around Oklahoma and pass your simply decorated stores with the fun 80s photography pictures inside of hamburgers, banana splits, and cow pastures with your colorful pink ice cream cone sign out front and I instantly have a craving for a single dip of butter pecan in a waffle cone.  I fight the urge to pull through the drive-thru, but your sugary goodness draws me in time and time again.  I receive the perfectly crafted ice cream cone at such a cheap price (those east coasters pay upwards of $5 for ice cream) and I wonder if you have been sent to Oklahoma (and north Texas and Arkansas) directly from God to satisfy my sugary desires.  You are simple.  You are unchanging.  You are an old reliable friend on a bad day.  You make me very happy.  Thank you for being you.

Love always,

Okie Foodie


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