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Sushi Neko- Oklahoma City

I remember the first time I ate sushi.  I was a NERVOUS wreck.  It’s like one of those things that if you haven’t grown up with it, everyone is afraid to try.  Believe me.  There are NO sushi restaurants in and around the Marlow, Oklahoma area.  We eat our fish fried and it is usually caught in the pond on our back 40 or in some muddy lake called Clear Creek (oxymoron much?).  Trying sushi was like taking a step out of my food comfort zone.  But glory, hallelujah am I glad I took a leap of faith on that one.

I began eating quite a bit of sushi while I lived in Washington, DC.  I usually stick to the rolls, simply because the unknown of the other kind (can’t remember the name….I’m a bad foodie) freaks me out.  I would be more than happy to try it…but have NO idea how to order!  Out in DC, we tried quite a few places and learned what we liked and didn’t like.  Getting Joe to enjoy sushi has to be one of my greatest achievements in life.  His name is Joe Bob.  Usually people named Joe Bob do not eat sushi.  But my person named Joe Bob does!

I wasn’t expecting much in the sushi category after moving back to Oklahoma.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  My co-worker Jed and I ventured off for a lunch full ‘o sushi.  We headed to one of his favorites, Sushi Neko and he basically said he was going to order for me.  Seriously…Jed knows everyone in this place.  I think he goes multiple times a week.  I usually put my trust in other people, because heck, I will try anything once.  He ordered the Cajun roll (crawfish in a spicy mayo), spicy tuna (my all-time favorite), and the lifesaver roll (minus the onion+extra tempura bacon).  The Cajun and spicy tuna were just exceptional.  The spicy tuna was easily the best spicy tuna that I have ever had.  The tuna was ACTUALLY spicy.  There is nothing that irks me more than getting spicy tuna and it not having any kick at all.  The highlight of the meal was easily the lifesaver roll.  From my understanding… This is basically a California roll with tempura bacon inside, topped with a small piece of tuna or salmon, lathered in spicy mayo.  Whatever was in it was AMAZING.  These are a mouth full…so definitely do not eat these on a date as they are not flattering while consuming, but they are glorious.

I know Sushi Neko is an Oklahoma City favorite.  I’m slapping myself for living in Norman all of those years and never trying this place.  It is easily one of my new favorites.  It’s definitely not very comforting for the pocket book…but you easily forget that once you are in their chic dining room and see all the yumminess of sushi all around you.

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Ode to the Loaded Baked Potato

Dear Loaded Baked Potato:

Butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, chives, and ranch dressing (Yes…I said ranch dressing)… All mixed together harmoniously inside of a potato baked to perfection.  Could I be dreaming?  Is this really a reality?  How could you be so filling, yet oh so delicious?  How could you, a simple, starchy vegetable that has sustained society for hundreds of years, be mixed with a potpurri of toppings and change my life like you do?  You make eating a steak THAT much better.  You are mixed with a salad and provide the perfect addition of carbohydrates to my diet.  Don’t let those Atkins diet crazies get you down.  The Okie Foodie appreciates the rich carbohydrates you provide.  You are an unfailing side dish, that can sometimes even be turned into an entree.  You are the ultimate comfort food.  Thank you for being you.  Don’t change a thing and keep on sustaining human life as you have done for hundreds of years.

Love Always,

Okie Foodie

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